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Dreaming Among the Stars



Welcome to Dreaming Among the Stars.  This site is dedicted to all things Roswell and yes I know the show is no longer on, but it will always have a place in my heart.  This site will basically be an archive to hold all my fics.  Hope you enjoy your visit and please leave a comment in the Vegas Lounge.

Site update: 10/23/05:  Okay I've changed the layout and got rid of some forums.  Basically you can find all my works here including new ones and sneak peeks that haven't been posted elsewhere. 

Dreaming Among the Stars has now the link below to check out our new message board.

Dreaming Among Stars messageboard


Roswell does not belong to me.  Roswell and its characters belong UPN, WB, and 20th Century Fox.  This site is purely for entertainment purposes only and as such the board owner does not claim to own any parts of Roswell.